Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 - Item 9

"Sock" It to Me (for Girls)
Another project finished for the month of February.  I went to my parent's last night with a friend frrom knitting group and managed to sew up 2 projects to add to my 2011 completed items.  This is a very nice pattern from the book Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders which I got from my mum for xmas last year.  It has some really nice patterns in it so there are a few more planned from this book later on.

Pattern:  "Sock" It to Me (for Girls)
Size:   6 months - this is the only size
Needle Size:  3.75mm circular needle
Yarn:  Dazzle acrylic in pinks, 1 and a bit balls so about 340 metres
Started:  February, finished yesterday

I have not been doing as much knitting lately as last week I started a new job.  I am working for an agency now cleaning people's houses.  It actually hasnt been too bad, the people I have as clients are really nice so far, fingers crossed they stay that way.  I get to work the hours while Isabelle is at school so that is really handy.  I have 3 clients so far so hopefully next week I can add a few more to my client list.  I just have to make sure I get into a routine of doing my own housework once I get home so I dont feel like that is all I am doing all the time!  I managed to knit after dinner most of last week so it is all good so far.  I am really enjoying the misty rain today too, nice for staying indoors and doing little bits here and there!  Hope your all having a lovely weekend too.


2paw said...

That is so pretty, I love the lace at the bottom.
Good luck with your new job, I know my friends have someone who comes and cleans/irons for them and it is just the most wonderful thing!!!

Kate said...

I love that cardi!
Huge congrats on the new job. It sounds brilliant that you can still be at home when Isabelle is. I hope you continue to only have lovely clients.

Chars said...

Very pretty finish :) Awesome news on your job. Good luck getting some more nice clients :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute knit well done! I wish I could find more time to create pretty's just like this :) Congrats on the new job!

Gillian said...

Well done on the job scene Sue. I hope it pays well enough and you continue to enjoy it.
We have had a long cold winter so Spring will be more than welcome.
Cheers Gillian

Michele said...

Very pretty sweater! I love the lace pattern at the bottom.
Congratulations on the new job. It sounds like you are happy with it so far. I am soon to be looking for employment also - my son turns 5 this year and will be going to school full time. Time for me to get back to work!

Sandra said...

Love that baby cardi! lovely!
Congratulations for new job - it is always good to have one - after all - you'll have more money to spent on yarn!!!!!!

faith76 said...

Very pretty colour x Good luck with your new job. :)

Maria said...

I have been eyeing off that book online, but as I couldn't see the patterns I wasn't sure it would be worth the purchase.
This is a wonderful pattern
Good luck with your new job

Becks said...

That is a very pretty top.
Shame it's only in the one size.....