Friday, April 15, 2011

Cute Fabric

Hello there.  Naughty blogger just deleted my long post that I had typed up so I guess now you get the shorter post.

- went to Spotlight with my mum and sister and bought the very cute fabric and origami kit to try out.  The teddy bear is just adorable but I nearly bought the yellow bunny kit instead.  Spotlight had some very cute fat quarters.  The rose one is going to be part of a pillowcase for Isabelle.  I had to buy the green one as it is my very favourite green.  The little birdies on it are just adorable too, and of course who can resist owl fabric.

- missed my blogiversary which was on 8th April!  I only realised today that I had missed it.  I think I am year no. 5 (will have to check that)

- Lots of knitting happening - 3 projects waiting to be finished up.  I also need to finish up Paul's beanie as his last one doesnt really cover his ears in the cold weather so this one will be longer.

- I have to rip back my gray cardigan so I can add some length to it before doing the yoke and it sits in the right place.

The house is so quiet as Isabelle is at another sleep over, two this week, which is fantastic news as last year she got quite upset about sleeping at other people's houses.  She was fine the year before but since I came home from hospital she has been good about it and not stressing.  I am so happy she is in a happy calm place having sleep overs as it used to worry me.  Now I just have to be able to go to sleep knowing she is not home, lol!

I think that is about it and hopefully the blog post saves this time.  Have a fabulous weekend and hopefully if I get some seaming done I will have some FO's to show you.


Melissa said...

Oh, that owl fabric is cute! I must have a look around my local for some.

Happy blogiversary!

2paw said...

My favourite is the green but owls are very popular.
Happy Bloggiversary!!!
Lots of knitting, it will keep you occupied so you aren't lonely for Isabelle.
My sister was terrible at sleepovers, she would go to bed and then have a little conniption and my mum and dad would have to fetch her home!! Sounds like Isabelle is much happier!

Kate said...

Very cute fabric!

faith76 said...

I love all the fabrics and the teddy kit too. I have an owl theme going on with my little girls room at the moment and the owl fabric you have picked is great.

Leah x Happy Bloggiversary !!

Lynne said...

Spotlight did indeed have some very cute fabric when DD and I visited yesterday but GS#1 wanted to get out of the trolley so we bought what we needed and left asap!

I think another visit (perhaps without him) is in order!

Enjoy making things with your choices of fabric.

bec said...

Yay, happy blogaversary! Very cute fq's, have been good and not to Spotty for, oh, about a week! Yay for new projects! Not sure about Tuesday yet, will know better Monday (work mon tue at the moment)

Ann said...

Happy Belated Bloggiversary !

Thimbleanna said...

Doesn't that drive you crazy when your post gets deleted? Yay -- you stuck with it though, 'cause those fabrics are too cute to miss!

NessaKnits said...

I bought some of that green myself lately! Lovely, isn't it!

Tania said...

If there's a kid off on a sleepover, there's always that moment - when I'd usually be checking on them and tucking stray corners into the bed, when I come over fleetingly, split-second sooky la la. I'm chuffed to bits they are off having fun but I always sleep better knowing everyone is tucked up in their own beds!

Miss Prudence said...

ugh, pulling things apart...hey Sue guess what? I can use four needles!!!! Just like you said, easy once you get the hang of it!!!! Thanks for that encouragement!

Sandra said...

WOW - cute quarters! Totally understand that you "had" to buy and owls!

Also - can't wait to see the bear finished!

lily said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm knitting up a storm at the moment although not sure I'll finish all the cardi's by easter.

Gorgeous fabric, especially the birdies.
lily x

Harpa Jónsdóttir said...

Very lovely fabrics and happy blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

oh you are busy arent you? gorgeous bits of fabric, and knowing you im sure youve got more than a few FOs to show!