Monday, June 13, 2011

Long Weekend!

In Australia we have a long weekend to celebrate the Queen's Birthday!  Now I have Monday's off anyway apart from doing housework at home, but it is a nice time to sleep in without the school routine.  This morning though Isabelle woke up with a blood nose so I had to rewash the doona cover that I had washed yesterday and put back on the bed, so it is now hanging on the line damp from the cool air outside.

Paul is back from Charlton which is nice.  He is making home made fish and chips tonight as his mother always drops off fish she has caught in Port Lincoln to give to us and they taste wonderful.  I am making the salad to go with it along with Isabelle's help.  She has been the little baker this weekend helping me to make zucchini slice on Saturday night and chicken casserole, and then she baked choc chip muffins yesterday.

I have been knitting on the test knit for Tikki, and fingers crossed I dont run out of yarn.  I said that on the last one didnt I.  I still need to sew buttons on 2 projects and seam one up but I havent been in the mood lately to do any finishing.  It might be the weather or a few other personal dramas around here (which I wont go into on here) so I have been feeling a bit out of sorts but managing.  Tonight I am going to listen to a few podcasts, one of which I won a yarny prize.  Tina of Knitting Blooms is a very good video podcaster and I really enjoy watching her episodes.  She started a little while ago and always has something valuable to teach me in her sessions.  I will show you the yarny goodness when it arrives.  I am also going to listen to KnitAJourney podcast by Susan Dolph.  She has the most relaxing voice for some reason which makes me relax, and lastly The Knitgirlls (my absolute favourite at the moment), and Domestikated Darling is nice too.  She has many crafts which she likes to share with her viewers.  If you would like to listen or watch them go to itunes, or simply go to which has a full list of videocasts and podcasts, and previous podcasters who no longer do it but their old episodes are still working.

Oh, nearly forgot about the photo above.  I just popped out to take a picture for Cindy of 2Paw to show her the progress on our vegie garden.  I meant to last week but it rained here nearly everyday.  I am picking one of the lettuces tonight for our salad with dinner.  It should taste very nice, and those wonderful bok choy will be making their way into a stir fry very soon too.

Hope you are all keeping warm, and hopefully by the end of the week I will have some knitting to show you all.


bec said...

A nice newsy catch up! Yay on the knitting, my green pants are finally finished, but I haven't sewn them up. How do you block something? Wash and pin flat? Glad the gardens producing!

2paw said...

Oh I appreciate no end your gardening picture. I must make an effort to have a little garden like that, yours looks so productive and green!!
Sounds like there has been a lot of cooking fun!!
I hope your dramas settle down and you can be happy again.

Lynne said...

You mean it was nice enough to wash the doona cover and hang it outside? It has been a horrid weekend here - the perfect excuse to spend time with crafts and the computer!

Miss Prudence said...

Doh! Double wasing doona covers! I hope you didn't have to iron them as well.

Gillian said...

Lovely gardening shot. Believe it or not we are having a drought in England. It's lovely for us to have no rain, but dreadful for the farmers and later in the year we will be given water controls.
Love for now Gillian

Michele said...

Your garden looks lovely, Sue! Thanks for some names of the podcasts you listen to. I have a lot of knitting to catch up on and I need some new podcasts to check out!

Erica said...

Yay on the knitting! Lovely gardening shot.

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Tania said...

I am so with you on the cross-fingered knitting. Only one ball of yarn into a cardigan with seven to go. It's going to be touch and go and it's only a blooming 4ply on tiny needles! AAARGHHHHH.

May the Gods be with you.

Ann said...

We celebrate the Queen's Birthday in October during the Royal Show in the school holidays. Nice vegetable garden which reminds me that I have to work on mine.