Saturday, May 28, 2011

Knitting Away!

Cable and Rib Jacket from Wish You Were Here by Debbie Bliss

Ripple Scarf from Simply Knitting Issue 77

Design 2300 from Henhouse Girls and Barnyard Boys

Design from Sirdar Nursery Knits

The first project is one I started for myself this week.  I really love how it is knitting up in the denim blue colorway.  Hopefully I can get some more done today after I finish the last sleeve of a test knit for Tikki.  I am hoping tomorrow will be sunny so I can block it out and take some nice pictures of Isabelle in it.

The second project is a little scarf project I started a few weeks ago.  I completed one repeat of the pattern and I dont know if I really love it or not, but thought I should continue to see how it blocks out.  If I dont like it then I can just gift it to my sister as she loves scarves.  I am sure she has a large collection of them by now.

The third project is a cardigan for Isabelle out of Sirdar Supersoft Aran.  It is lovely and squishy and the pattern is only a 4 row repeat which is super easy to remember so it knits up quite quickly.  I have also finished half of the front too.

The last little project is a little cardigan for Eden from Sirdar Nursery Knits book.  I found this yarn in my stash and thought it was perfect for her.  I saw her yesterday wearing one of my handknits and thought she had grown a bit so time for a new one.  Her big sister Enya's birthday is next week too so I am hoping to knit her one the same in a different color.  I only started it yesterday so I got a little bit done.

Now since I have all these projects I really need to learn how to add those sidebar projects toolbar so I can keep tabs on them all, otherwise some will end up in the basket never to see daylight again.  I have to say I emptied out all of my old projects and either gave the yarn away or the project so I didnt have any waiting to be finished.  It felt good to start with a clean slate. 

I am having my mum, my friend and my sister over today for a knitting group (but my sister will be quilting) so it should be nice and cosy with cups of tea and the odd milo, and a few chocolate biscuits.  I hope to get some knitting accomplished but I am sure I will be doing more talking instead.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I am happy because Paul will be back tomorrow after 2 weeks being away for work!


2paw said...

What a lovely collection of knitting. Your cardigan is looking great and I love Isabelle's aran, it looks so squishy and warm. I hope you have a lovely time with your ;knitting group' and get lots of work done. I don't mean work really, but you know what I mean!!

Kate said...

I love the fact that you are having a knitting group with your family. Say hi to your sister from me. I am also thrilled that you are knitting for yourself.
have a great night.

Becks said...

What lovely makes on the go. The jacket for yourself looks great, I love the blue colour. Hope you had a lovely evening chatting and knitting.


Lynne said...

I hope you had a wonderful knitting time with your mother, sister and friend - you have a good variety of projects to choose from for the day.

Glad to hear Paul is coming home tomorrow; I assume he will be going away again?

lily said...

So much fantastic knitting in your post, I love to have lots of knitty projects on the go.......never get bored that way.

Wish I could come along to your knitting/quilting night.........I'll bring cake!

lily x

PlumStitches said...

they all look lovely - can't wait to see them finished. hope you all have fun knitting and quilting!

Louise said...

What great projects you have on the needles. Happy knitting!

Tania said...

Sue! You're making me feel positively FOCUSED! Wish I could keep track of four projects on the sticks at one go (AND make them happen)...

Maria said...

You are amazing. Your output of such beautiful projects is wonderful. They are all so lovely.
I would be very confused between the patterns

Ann said...

Nice porjects & I am sure you will have lots done at the knitting session.

Michele said...

Wow - you have a lot of projects on the go! All lovely, of course :-)!!! I can't wait to see them finished.