Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Isabelle and I have been solo this week without the guys around here.  Lachie is at his grandparents house and comes home on weekends as it is easier for him to get the train from there.  Paul is still working away in the country and has been nearly gone for 2 weeks now and we both miss him terribly.  I have been doing lots of knitting and listening to lots of podcasts to keep myself occupied, apart from the taxi driver shifts I have for Miss Isabelle.  Dance concert practice, netball game, dancing for over an hour and the list goes on.  Throw work and housework and animals into the mix and you get the idea that I may look like a headless chicken running around during the day as that is how I feel at the moment.  I could go to sleep very easily at the moment but then I would probably wake up at 4:30 like I have been since Paul's been gone and try for another hour to go back to sleep and then finally the alarm will go off!!  I am hoping that on Friday it will be sunny enough for me to take some photos after my morning client so I can blog some FO's and WIP.  I have started another cabled cardi for myself so when that is finished it will be the first time in a few years that I have knit something for myself.  Isabelle has had another growth spurt too so she has been removing smaller items from her wardrobe and has informed me that she needs some new cardigans and sweaters.  I have nearly finished the school cardi for her which is a test knit for Tikki.  I am hoping I dont run out of yarn for the second sleeve, fingers crossed.  So that is about it at the moment, time to make the school lunch and pop it into the frigdge, do some dishes and relax and go and watch Oprah!  (One good thing about no males in the house is we get to watch girly things on tv, lol)


Kate said...

I love that pic of the two of you girlies Sue!
It does sound like a crazy time for you all. I hope things calm down soon, your boys come home and you sleep through the night soon.

Miss Prudence said...

yes what a lovely pic Sue. I am flying solo too at the moment and I totally get that sleep issue. Hope you get more than last night and the wool lasts the sleeve!

2paw said...

Have a lovely girly time together, sounds like fun. How exciting to be knitting something for yourself at last!! Fingers and paws crossed here that you don't run out of wool.

Lynne said...

Spending some quality time with Isabelle sounds like great fun for both of you.

Gillian said...

You and Isabelle are both looking really great.What a wonderful pic.
You know, don't you, that you have to knit faster if you think you might run out of yarn!!! So you should be well finished by now and I expect a pic on the next blog!!!
Lovely to hear from you on mine. You are a true friend.
Luv and cheers