Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Books (Again)!

Yes I know more new books - but I bought these for myself as a Mother's Day present.  Dont you all do that sometimes, buy yourself a little gift that you really want.  The top 2 are just gorgeous, and I have already started a project out of each one which I will show you during the week.  I assume that aqua and red are the new "in" colors for Sirdar judging by the covers of the books and some of the patterns inside.  The henhouse book is for older children and the patterns go up to 13 years so I can still whip up a few patterns for Isabelle.  It uses Sirdar Aran yarn which I really like to use.  The Nursery Knits book uses Snuggly DK or 8 ply yarn and has some really cute patterns.  I am doing a loopy hoodie which takes some getting used to wrapping the yarn around your thumb to create the loop.  Let's just say that I am trying to make them the same size and I do hope they turn out evenly.  More Knitting In The Sun is just a super gorgeous book.  Isabelle loves the 3 patterns on the cover and a little bolero inside too.  Some use sock yarn weight and others use DK weight but they are really beautiful patterns.  I think I may have to find out what Kristi's first book is like if it is anything like this one and add it to my library.

Today I am off to a little knitting get together - perfect weather for it too, cold and rainy.  I have gone through my stash of yarn and cleared out about 4 garbage bags of yarns including WIP's that I wasnt going to finish and it felt so good to do too knowing that I can start afresh.  A few of the ladies attend the local CWA so I am sure they can use it all for their crafty goodness.  I felt rather relieved to have some more room in my stash bins and everything looks a lot tidier.  Paul will be happy to have some more wardrobe space.  I am wanting to knit myself another hoodie so I am going to finish the 2nd ball of the Cassidy and see how far it gets me, otherwise back into the stash to find something else to use.

Other news - we had a few nasty people pull up beside Paul's van on Sunday night just after midnight and smash the window when they found they couldnt get into it.  So annoying as we had to take the door window out as it was shattered.  I looked out the window when I heard 4 loud bangs and saw a car sitting next to the van but they had driven off by the time we got out there.  The police told us that they like to steal those vans all the time.  I just wish people would leave other people's property alone and not touch it.  I do believe in karma so I hope they learn their lesson very soon.

Okay off to pack my knitting bag and I will be back hopefully during the week.  Paul has left us again for another week up in the bush so I will be busy again.  I really dont want to get used to this you know but I am sure I will eventually.  Have a great warm weekend!


Kate said...

Oh no - not good news about the van. Nice books look forward to seeing what you knit from them.

Lynne said...

Sorry to read about Paul's van - how annoying!

Great books - red and aqua do seem to be the theme, don't they?

2paw said...

I am very sad to read of the thieving vandals (!!) I don't understand people who do that either. Red and aqua look great together and those books sound like they are filled with potential garments!!
MrsDrWho always buys herself something she wants and pops it under the family tree with a tag saying "From Santa". No-one has wised up yet!!!

Ann said...

I love knitting books & your look good. Have fun at knitting group.

Kristen said...

I love the Sirdar books. My lys does not carry Sirdar so they are very exotic to me! About the van, how terrible and I am sorry, I don't get it either.

Rose Red said...

I usually buy my own presents (or give very specific wish lists to husby!) you have picked lovely looking books!

Sorry about the van - that happened to us in the city while we were at a wedding - broken window just for the change in the ashtray.

Miss Prudence said...

shuffenfruffruffen! I HATE thieves and vandals.
Look forward to see the loopy jacket

PlumStitches said...

good for you to buy yourself a mother's day present - you deserve it! bummer about the vandals, so annoying.

wendy hill said...

I just had to pop in to say hi as I just read your comment on Kates blog about cleaning and how you lost a client.
I too lost a cleaning client once and it was over nothing but the fact that their little boy had been looking for his playing card and it had been under the couch so they thought that we hadnt been doing our job properly and not vacuumed under every inch of their couch which was not the case at all. Since then I think there is no pleasing some people and that playing cards are the slipperiest things ever!
Dont feel bad for one moment for the princesses that dont know how to clean their own houses. I dont mean the hard working mums out there who are running on empty mind you.
Sorry for such a long comment, oops. Maybe im not quite over it yet :0

lily said...

Hi Sue,

Those knitting books are too utterly delicious, I'm going to have to "Net-Detect" them and add them to my knitting pattern stash.

Sorry to hear about your van, there are some strange, misguided souls in this world, and as you say, what goes around, comes around.

Enjoy your knitting party,

lily x

polkadotpeticoat said...

speaking from someone who has had 3 cars stolen when we lived in Seattle and in Alaska everyone leaves there cars running and go shopping no one steals anything , it's hard to get used to!

Amanda Keeys said...

Those Sirdar books look really cute! My book shelves are all groaning under the weight of my many books, but yet I'm still tempted lol.

YIKES about the vandals/would-be thieves too :( That is awful! I would have been seriously freaked out myself.