Friday, May 6, 2011

Vegies and A Little Bit More!

The mint is growing beautifully!

The lettuces havent been eaten by the snails (yet)

The bok choy is looking delicious already and my silverbeet are getting bigger.
The carrots have raised their little sprouts too in the last week!

The vegies are growing well with the showers we have been getting on a regular basis.  None today though so my washing could actually dry on the clothesline!  I cannot wait for the silverbeet to get bigger so I can eat some as I feel like I need more vegies at the moment.  We have all been missing Paul this week with him up in Charleton helping people rebuild their homes from the flood damage.  They need a lot of help and apparently there is only 1 plumber and 1 electrician up there at the moment so not a lot is being accomplished building wise.  Paul will be home for a few days and then back up there again to work on some more homes.

I have kept myself busy with work, household chores and of course knitting.  Some really lovely knitting books arrived this week which made me happy so I have a few projects planned from them.  I need to sew buttons on my Ditto cardigan and have Isabelle take a photo of it for me, maybe tomorrow.

I have also been doing some test knitting for Tikki.  The knitting is a bit slow going with all the ribbing but it is a lovely design.  I have also been knitting on another knit too which I hope to finish this week.  Hope your all having a nice cozy weekend!


2paw said...

Your green look very luscious and so prolific. The Labradors has spinach from the neighbour's garden for their breakfast today.
The rebuilding is going to tale such a long time, it's a big job.
Oh I'm looking forward to seeing your Ditto!!

faith76 said...

I have planted lettuces this year too - fingers crossed that they come up.Leah x

Catherine said...

thanks for reminding me, Sue - mint is just what we're missing from our potted herb garden - yours looks lovely!

Ann said...

I started growing vegies last year & it was great harvesting all the vegies. We are still eating the roma tomatoes from last summer.

Anonymous said...

home grown vegies are just the best arent they? i love when they are succesful (not that often with dogs around. sigh). and ditto, on the ditto! pix soon please!

Tami said...

Your mint looks so pretty. I am blown away at how many completed knit objects you have already done this year. My knitting has been on a snail pace since Chloe arrived 2 years ago. I find I am able to do more crochet inabling me to set it down and pick it up easier than I can with the knitting. So glad I had a chance to catch up on your blog. Happy Mothers day to you.

Lynne said...

Because you were posting about vegies, I had to look twice at the heasder to make sure I was reading your blog not an American one! It's so cold and miserable in Sydney today, gardening couldn't be further from my mind!

I'm glad you are all coping with Paul being away.

MrPuffy said...

Good luck with all your veggies! I started some mint and herbs but they were all gobbled by the morning. So discouraging - LOL

Hope the rebuilding goes smoothly and I'm sure your husband's help will be very appreciated.

Yarny Days said...

You have such a nice garden. It is a very rewarding hobby, right? And I love tikki's patterns--love to see how your project looks like.