Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 - FO's 21 and 22

There are green stripes in this one, you just cant see them for some reason
6 - 12 month size
Ravelled Here

12-18 month size and yes you can see the stripes
Ravelled Here
I finally finished the 2 sweaters for some little girls who need some more handknits.  The little sisters should look very cute in them.  The pattern is the Budgie Striped Baby Sweater designed by Grumperina.  The blue/green striped one is the 6 month size and the lime green/pink one is the 12-18 month size.  I am knitting one for their cousin too in bright pink/yellow which I have just started.  I only used 1 ball of each color of the Heirloom Dazzle and the pattern is so easy to knit up.  The only changes I made were to add button bands instead of zippers as I really dont love sewing in zippers or trying to find the right sizes to fit them.

I am really enjoying the cold weather being snuggly inside and knitting away.  I have been knitting on Paul's sweater at night and getting really excited about it as I had ordered more yarn - then today I received a letter from Bendigo Woollen Mills saying that they had already run out of stock in the pewter colorway of the Moorland yarn.  I ordered mine last week to finish off the sweater which was 5 balls so I am hoping that it will be the same dyelot.  It must be very popular.

After that little notification I then went onto my internet banking and discovered that somebody had been using my debit card number to make little transactions for themselves.  Thankfully I didnt have much money in the account otherwise they would have taken more than $29 so tomorrow will be spent speaking to the fraud squad.  I am really annoyed though as they stopped my card last month because they thought someone was trying to use it and then it cleared and it was okay, which clearly it wasnt.  This time I decided that no - I cut up my card and am now awaiting another new one.  I do hope they catch the little *!#@* who has been using my card to buy a video game (1 transaction) and whatever else they thought they could have for free.  I wont say on here how annoyed I am with people who think they can just take money from other people for no reason at all.  It makes my skin crawl actually.  Oh and to top off this week I have been dealing with Isabelle having head lice!  Tomorrow we are both getting our hair cuts so we should feel better.  Thankfully we havent found anymore in the last 2 days!  Okay I have gotten it out of my system, back to knitting to calm down, ...... deep breaths!!


2paw said...

I hope the gorgeous cardigans and the haircut will sooth you. How awful to have your card used like that, it's just horrid.
Head lice are a act of life now. Twenty years ago the school nurse came once a fortnight and checked all the children but it was 'too expensive' and they department stopped doing it, Of course now it is a huge problem, and costs a fortune to deal with.
I like the button bands much better than zips!!

WildflowerWool said...

I have been looking for a baby sweater pattern. I really like ths one and I would knit it with the button bands as well. No zippers for me!

Becks said...

Oh what a pain re the card fraudster and the nits. But on the bright side the cardi's are lovely and I really like the subtle stripes on the first one, yes, I noticed them better when I clicked the image.

Mr. Puffy said...

Absolutely adorable! There will be two very thrilled little girls :)

Sorry to hear about the theft. It is very disheartening to think how very prevalent this behavior is.

Maria said...

Aren't those #@!! horrible. It happened to hubby too, twice. rrrrr
As for the lice, thank goodness I have well and truly finished with that. So annoying cause you know you are doing the right thing, its others!!
Love your little projects, so sweet

Lynne said...

Eeewy! What a week! May your weekend be pleasant and calm!

sandra said...

Green/blue stripes quite visible after clicking on the pic!
Sorry to hear about card number stealing and banking, even though my simple life became even simpler after I started using net banking!

And while you are snuggled cozy - we are fighting heath wave!