Monday, July 11, 2011


Kirsten, the representative for Milla Mia in Australia emailed me about 2 weeks ago asking if I would like a copy of their latest book Wonderland.  Now considering I had their first two books I knew this one would be just as gorgeous.  I was right.  This arrived on my doorstep this morning and I have been sitting here looking at all the beautiful patterns I would love to make.

 These are the first 9 patterns in the book and one thing I love most about this book apart from the gorgeous color combinations is the fact that they catered for boys on a larger scale.  Their patterns go up to a size 8 years now which is great, apart from the baby patterns.
They have a range of designs, including colorwork, cables and nice classic patterns too which wont date!  Now since I have 5 nephews and another one due in November this year I thought I would show you some of my favourites!

I could just imagine my twin nephews in these gorgeous outfits, and the red and tan are great together.  The patterns are Nils Leggings and Stripey Top.

This is the Alexander Jacket which would be perfect for my 8 year and 6 year old nephews!

This is one of my favourites which I think could be knit up for either girls or boys.  It is called the Kiki Jumper.

For the little babies in our lives, the Love Babygrow is perfect, and of course the buttons are down one leg instead of the middle of the crutch (which always used to pop open on my kid's clothes) so it is great!

These are the stripey leggings again, cant resist stripes!

This is the Lillian Jacket, perfect in garter stitch.

This is the Lovisa Cardigan which looks great for cold days.

Isnt this shrug just gorgeous. It is called the Karin shrug.

This pattern is called the Charlotte cardigan and happens to be one of my absolute favourites.  It goes up to 6-7 years which is 80cms so they have quite a bit of room in their clothes as I could knit this longer and it would fit Isabelle. 

Another great hoodie for boys which is called the Jonas Comfy Top.  This one goes up to a size 3 years. 
A perfect book full of patterns for all different ages.  Thank you so much Kirsten for sending me this book as I really do love it.  It is available now on the Milla Mia website and I am sure you can see their stockists on there too for other places that will be stocking it also.  I also read that the Milla Mia sisters are now looking towards designing for adults so that should be very exciting!  I do hope you enjoyed seeing some projects from this book.


2paw said...

It's a great book and the range of sizes is excellent. I love the little shrug and the belted cardi and the colour combinations ans stripes are very nice in all of them!!

WildflowerWool said...

Looks like a really nice book. Lots of very cute kids patterns.

Lynne said...

Some lovely patterns there, Sue; can't wait to see what you make first!

Ms. Kimba said...

I have one of their books. I met the sisters of Millamia whilst in London in March. They hold a special place for me as they are Swedish and I once lived in Sweden so it was nice to have something in common with them.

Their designs are wonderful for sure!

CelticCastOn said...

oh my this is a delicious book I love that shrug and the cabled sweater.
You need to make them all!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, I'd love to see some of those designs in adult sizes. It looks like a wonderful book -- thanks for the great review!

PlumStitches said...

that book looks great. I agree the range of sizes is a big plus. can't wait to see which you make!

sandra said...

OMG, Charlotte cardigan is one perfect piece of knitwear!!!!!! Wanna one just for myself!

Kri said...

Nagyon jók!

stupendous joy said...

What a beautiful book! I'll be back to see what you make. Enjoy.