Sunday, October 23, 2011

2011 - FO 40

Hello there!  This picture is almost the last FO that I finished up last week.  There is 1 more to go, and another item should be finished today for my sister (and she reads my blog) so I might wait until a bit later to show that one.  This pattern was so delightful to knit up and I loved how easy it was too.  You only use 1 color on each row, not 2 as I first thought so it made it all so easy to do and it went very quickly.  This one will be joining the hoodie to go to Perth for a little sweetie who is 5 but very petite so I made the 2 to 3 year size to fit her.

Pattern:  Design 1953 from Sirdar Book 378, Jack-in-a-box Knits.  The sizes go from birth up to 7 years.
Needle Sizes:  3 1/4mm and 4mm needles
Yarn:  Dazzle Heirloom, black, bright blue, bright green, bright pink (didnt even use 1 ball of each apart from the black)
I think it only took me a week and a half to knit up as I was quite addicted to seeing how the colors looked knititng up with the black.  My lovely friend was tickled pink to receive such lovely gifts for her great grandchildren so it made me very happy.  She is a knitter too and has some really lovel things that she makes.

Other news:  No-one turned up to the open house yesterday which was disappointing.  I asked the agent to change the description of the house as she had left out a few details which probably didnt help.  We are having another open house next Saturday.  The open house 6 doors down didnt receive anyone either.  We did however have a terrible hail storm here just afterwards.  I have never seen anything so bad before.  I did take photos of how our garden looked with all the hail so I will show you tomorrow.  It looked like it had snowed.  Hope you all enjoy your day.  I am about to take our doggies to the dog park for some running around and enjoyment!


Lynne said...

Oh no! That is not good news!

The cardigan is bright and cheerful though!

Ann said...

You have done a great job finishing off all those projects. They are all lovely.

Leeanne said...

Your knitting is soo lovely. I esp like the red and black hoodie.
Hope your house sells quickly for you, my friend is selling hers atm. Hers went to Auction but didnt sell even though there was 4 registered bidders there.
Fingers crossed for you.

2paw said...

Lucky doggies, we went for our walk this morning in the rain. The Labradors loved it!!
Such a pretty pattern, it looks like the Mason-Dixon dishcloth one, which I love too.
Very disappointing that no-one came, but if no-one came down the road it may have been the weather after all.

Thimbleanna said...

That sweater is really cute -- it sure looks like there would be more than one color per row. Sorry to hear about the open house -- hopefully next week will be better!

Amanda said...

That lovely cardi reminds me of a beautiful window pane.

Oiyi said...

I love how colorful this cardigan is!

Greer said...

Wow! That looks really complicated but I'll take your word about the 'easy'.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sue, You have been amazingly prolific again this year - you are awesome! Shame about the open house - hope the one today went better.

Jan said...

Hi Sue,

Hope things are OK with you. I know how stressful selling can be. Sold my home of very many years just on a year ago. All the best,