Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some Finishing!

 I have finally been able to sit down and get motivated about finishing up some knits that have been around for some time.  The Little Stripey Hat from King Cole Book 4 is finished for my nephew Felix, and he looks very cute in it.  I took a photo of the hat before I gifted it to him this morning.  It covers his ears really well so his mum is very happy.  I used my favourite Dazzle yarn in blue, red and white and still have quite a bit left over of all the colors.  The needle size was 4mm.  A very easy fun knit and the book is full of gorgeous patterns.  I have all 4 pattern books now which I love.
For those of you wondering how Miss Lucy is going, she is growing up so fast.  She no longer fits in my hand but still loves her cuddles and playing with the big kitties.  She is so soft and purrs loudly when she is happy.  Here she is peeking out the window of my study, probably waiting for another podcast to start playing.  She actually turned the laptop on the other day after I had switched it off and was sitting next to it like I was supposed to put it on what she wanted. 

The school holidays have been nice and wet today.  I think we are having the same weather tomorrow.  Isabelle is having a friend sleep over tonight so we will see how that goes.  Hope your enjoying your holidays if your having any.

Happy knitting!


swanski said...

Lovely hat! I bet he will wear it again and again :)

2paw said...

That is such a cute hat!! I love the colours. Miss Lucy is gorgeous and I think all cats lie to help with keyboards.
It's raining here today but it is not too cold. Peri and Gilly have been playing in the rain!! Happy holidays.

Ann said...

Lovely hat. We are in our 1st week of holidays & the weather has been good - cold mornings but warm afternoons. Happy knitting.

Karyn said...

Great hat; he needs a Where's Wally book to go with it though, don't you think? The colours are great.
Glad that Miss Lucy is doing well, she is so cute! By the way, it is cold and wet here too :(

Kate said...

Very cute hat!

Gillian said...

Hello Sue,
Our summer seems very similar to your winter. It really has been a very disappointing year and we have the Olympics in a couple of weeks. My SOL has a nephew who is competing so we are looking forward to it. Watch out for him. He is called Robbie Grabarz and is in the high jump.
Lucy is a little beauty queen of a pussy cat. Tinker isn't but she is cute and growing up and I will blog tomorrow but she is a bit wild and I don't get pretty pics of her!!!
Cheers Gillian