Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Socks

Hello there, I have been knitting socks lately as you can tell by the photos.
I am joining in with Dianne of the Knitabulls podcast by knitting
stripey socks.  It ends in October so I am trying to knit a few pairs
up and reduce the sock yarn stash.  It has been fun so far, even if they are just simple projects.

The blue ones above are knit out of Desert Vista Dyeworks and are
just wonderful to wear.  I really love the saturated colors in them.
The ribbed pair are knit out of Online sock yarn and really are
nice to wear too.  They are a cotton blend so feel very different.
Lucy our kitten has grown quite a bit and happens to love
socks, especially stinky sweaty ones that come straight out
of shoes after a day of wear when people are wearing them.
Isabelle seems to have the socks she loves the most which is
quite funny when she attacks her.  Lucy is sitting next to the computer
napping whilst I type this.  She also happens to love watching podcasts
with me and every night hops on my lap while I knit to
watch them with me.  I think she may well be my
knitting companion.
Our Jack Russell Tess has a suspected flea allergy so today
we had a trip to the vet and a few different tablets to try with
her and a medicated shampoo.  I am really hoping it works.
She also has a heart murmur which we never knew about
either.  She is 8 years old now and I was certain she was
younger than that, but no.  Time flies by with kids and pets doesnt it.
I am hoping by the end of the week that she is feeling a lot
better and that the redness and itching goes away.  We also
have to buy a special flea treatment as dogs with
sensitivities to fleas, the supermarket brands dont work quite
as well.  I hope we dont have to put her on a special diet
or anything, not that she gets fed bad food but it would be nice
if she goes back to being our happy little dog.  I walked out
this morning and Tess had chewed up the couch cushion on the
outside couch.  She has never done that before and was trying to hide
amongst the foam bits with her ears down so she knew she had
been naughty.  I think it might be time soon to get another
kelpie puppy to live with us.
Happy knitting and I hope you all have a fantastic week!


Kate said...

Love the colours in the top ones! I have some stripey yarn that I need to turn into socks, just the thing for practising toe ups.

Lynne said...

Nice socks!

2paw said...

I just love the striped socks, I clicked through and saw the lovely sock wool in the range. Lucy is such a little cutie and I am so glad she loves to be with you while you knit. Poor Tess, allergies are just awful, Peri had one a while ago. I hope she is back to her happy self soon. A new puppy??!! What joy!! Oh Tess is wicked, what a rascal she is!! Glad you are enjoying your sock knitting!!

Sue Treiber said...

lovely socks!!
Hope Tess is itch free soon :)

karen said...

I hope your little dog improves. My Frodo is on a wheat corn free diet. The food he eats is jammed packed with nutrients and he does well on it. Good luck, my previous dog had many allergies and we were constantly trying to figure it all out.

Ann said...

I love sock knitting too & always have a pair on the needles. As the whole family wears hand knitted socks, I have to keep the inventory up.

Anonymous said...

socks look great! love your helper in the second photo!
hope your doggie improves soon!

Karyn said...

I love the stripey socks. i have some I want to make for me but no time at the minute to do them :(
Tess is a naughty little dog, but how funny are they when they know they are in trouble?? (Just like the kids!!)