Sunday, October 28, 2012

Too Many Things!

Hello there, how are you all?
I have been busy sewing up projects that have been sitting around
for quite a while that I hadn't finished, like adding buttons and seaming
together.  I did some this week which was good as the pile
was getting quite large, and some are presents for
Christmas and birthdays so they had to be done.
Up above is some beautiful yarn that I bought
from Forest Hill Yarns.  She has a shop on facebook
and does updates when she has dyed some new colors.
These are all gorgeous and will soon be knitted
into some beautiful things.

I also bought the newest Milla Mia book from
the Suzy Haufrau store.  Free shipping is always a
great thing isn't it.  This book has some really
cute, fun projects in it and as always their
beautiful brights colors!

This cardigan has been finished for quite a while now.
This is my Rhinebeck sweater from A Fine Fleece
book by Lisa Lloyd.  The colors is really a beautiful sea green
color but is really washed out in this photo.
I blocked it and it fits wonderfully well,
although now the weather is too warm to wear it.
It was knit from Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic yarn.

This little kitty hat is for my niece (Harriett) who is arriving in December.
It is the kitty hat from King Cole Book No. 4.
It has some really beautiful patterns in it and I thought
I did quite well with the face.

This is the teddy hat.  It is from the same book.
I feel as though this one needs a face now too as it
looks quite bare without one.

This is for one of my twin nephews who recently turned 2.
This is the barrow boys's sweater from the book
Henhouse Girls and Barnyard Boys.
I used Magnum 8 ply and kept the needle size to 4mm
for the ribbing and 4.5mm for the body (instead
of 5mm) as I think the Magnum 8 ply is much better on
4.5mm.  I love the olive green color too and I hope it will
fit him by next year.

Lastly but not least is my little summer cardigan
for my god-daughter Chelsea.  It was in a knitting magazine
that you buy in a triple pack, and I am pretty
sure this is in one of the Sirdar Tiny Tots pattern books too.
I used Sirdar Tiny Tots in rasberry, green and white.  There
is a nice big green button too but obviously I retrieved
the photo missing the button.  I love how this knitted up and
Isabelle mentioned that it looked like a Christmas sweater
because of the colors.  I love it so much that I am going
to knit a smaller one for my niece to be in different colors.
Apart from these there is still quite a few to finish knitting up, and taking photos
of for ravelry. I really dont like going to my ravelry page and seeing
lots of blank spots with no photos, or realising that I havent even
put some of them on there at all.
I will try and post again next week when I have sewn buttons on some more items
and taken photos.  I am hoping to start wrapping up some Christmas gifts soon
and these items need to be included.  The gift list is getting smaller which is
great, and I am hoping I am finished by November.
On another note I discovered a new podcast called Knit Spin Farm which is by Joanne.
She has a 5 acre farm and podcasts about her animals and vegetable garden,
knitting and spinning too.  If you like watching them whilst you knit, or doing
something else then pop on over and watch.  It really is good to watch.  It makes
me want to go outside and do some gardening.
Hope you all enjoy your week!


Anonymous said...

Love the barrow boys' sweater. That color is too precious, and the cables are so classic :)

Lynne said...

Wow! Some lovely knitting there. I particularly like the cabled jumper. And the item on the front of that book is gorgeous too!

Jan said...

Another one who likes those cables. You've been very busy with all those projects.

Ann said...

Wow, so many gorgeous FOs. You have been busy. I love that little Christmas cardigan, so cute.

Christina Lowry said...

I love popping in to see what you have been up to. Your posts always inspire me and make me want to keep knitting straight away! I love all these, especially the hats and the green sweater. I agree, a little face on the bear hat would be sweet. Looking forward to seeing what else you have in the works! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow some amazing knitting there. I live the stripey cardi

Karyn said...

Doesn't it feel good to actually put the finishing touches to something that has been sitting around? I usually wonder why i just didn't do it to start with! i had a day of just doing finishes a while ago and it feels much better.
These are all so cute.
BTW, did you have trouble sewing the ends in of the Tiny Tots? The white stringy bit can be pulled off and then just the acrylic sewn in, is soooo much easier, IMHO :) (you probably knew that already!)

Anonymous said...

oh what a lovely lineup of handknits!
i just adore that kitty hat!

2paw said...

Gorgeous knitting, love the hats!!!

Yarny Days said...

WOw! Lots of projects! Love the kitty hat.