Thursday, November 29, 2012

It Feels Like Summer

Hello there, I have returned in a shorter period of time this week!
I thought it best if I caught up to blogging my projects that I have just added to raverly this week instead of doing them all in one big long post.  So here goes, first up we have
the cardigan above which was apparently printed in Woman's Weekly in 1968.
A kind lady gave me a copy of it and I loved it.  I knit it up in some Sirdar Snuggly DK in an olive green color.  I am pretty sure this is the largest size it came in.  There is also a version for a short sleeved cardigan too.

Next up is this little cardigan which I am going to give to my soon to be niece who is due in 20 days.  This is the 3 month size I think.  Must double check my notes.  The pattern was designed for a Sirdar yarn which is called Speckles but I found this yarn at Spotlight and it only cost $2.50 with the exact same composition.  It only takes 1 ball of yarn and I even had some left over.  It was only a 50gm ball of yarn too.  I was amazed.  I have 2 more colors of this yarn to knit up, 1 green and 1 purple so I know what I will be using them for.  This pattern came from a knitting magazine, but I do know that Sirdar have a knitting book especially for this yarn which has this pattern in it.  Very cute and perfect for summer.  Speaking of summer today's temperature here reached 40 degrees.  We had the air conditioning on but it was still humid and muggy.  I will be thankful for the weekend when it goes back down to the low 20's again.  I still knit in the late afternoon and am nearly up to the armholes on my 2nd barrow sweater for my other nephew.  They are a bit big so will hopefully fit them in winter as they live near a beach and they will be perfect to wear in the cooler evenings.

On another note, to those people that watch knitting podcasts - Karrie of KnitPurlGurl passed away on Monday, leaving behind her husband and 2 young children.  No explanation has been given as yet as to her passing but it was sudden and unexpected.  Karrie was a wonderful, generous, happy person whose podcast I loved watching.  She did lots of product reviews for her viewers and designed beautiful patterns herself which are on ravelry.  Her podcast group are having a KAL of her patterns, and knitters from all over the world are knitting or crocheting snowflakes which are going to be sent to her family to put on her christmas tree.  Karrie was making lots of snowflakes to hang on her tree as they had just moved recently and she lost all of her christmas decorations.  I think it is a wonderful idea.  Karrie was also the person who decided to start RAP Tuesday.  This is where on a Tuesday you send someone a pattern from ravely as a Random Act of Pattern just as a kind gesture.  Knitters are now doing it on a Tuesday in honour of Karrie's memory.  Next Tuesday I will be on ravelry gifting someone a pattern in memory of her too.
May you be resting in a peaceful place Karrie.  We will miss you!  xoxoxo


2paw said...

That is a very sad news about Karrie, and it will be so hard for her family especially at this time of the year.
Such a cute cardigan, it doesn't look old at all. The little Speckles cardi is so cute and what a bargain ball of wool (or three)
It's been 28 here today and the same tomorrow, 40 sounds so awful. I am not looking forward to a hot summer at all.

Lynne said...

Such a sad story, especially at this time of year!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- so sad to hear about another knitter passing away at such a young age.

Your knits are beautiful as always. I don't know how you manage to get so much accomplished -- you're amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love both the sweaters! I really want something in that gold color..

Anonymous said...

two great finished sweaters! i love that olive green one!!

so sorry to hear about karrie, sending thoughts of love to her family...


Ann said...

Lovely cardigans. It's also getting hotter here but luckily the evenings are cooler. Sorry to hear about Karrie.

Ruby Girl said...

Very nice short sleeve pink cardigan, it will be a lovely summer cardigan to wear.