Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lucy's Kittens

We seem to be like an animal farm at the moment with all the new ones here.  Lucy had her kittens the night Paul had to go to Wallan to work and stay the night.  She had found a box in the garage and had them on the Thursday night and on Friday morning she came running out of the box to tell me.  They were so tiny but perfect, and I had to cut them from the placenta as she hadnt been able to get to it because of the angle of the box so 3 of the kittens had their feet tangled up in it.  A bit of a messy job for me but I managed.  They will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and already have their eyes open and are walking around a bit.  The 2 little white ones and the stripey one are girls, whilst the little black and white one is the boy (and the heaviest).  My niece loves the stripey one but isnt allowed to have it as they already have an older cat who wouldnt like it at all.  If you know of anyone who would love a kitten in their lives in the next 5 to 6 weeks when these should be weaned and eating and toilet trained then let me know.  They are all very healthy and loved being petted and cuddled!

Dusty is also doing well and survived his 12 week injections, and then we were informed that we have to wait another 2 weeks to be able to take him out for walks because of the parvo virus.  So he is getting a bit bored, having chewed up 2 of Paul's shoes, the arm of the couch that is in the garage and also Missy the cat who he loves to jump on and play with but is much too rough.  He is a cutie though and if you ignore him he will sit there and tell you off with his barking.

Lots of knitting has been done too so I must get organised and take photos of it all.  I sat there watching podcasts the other night and sewed up about 5 things but some need buttons which I have not worked out as yet.

My sister also returned on Monday from Europe and travelled to lots of wonderful places.  She bought a little backpack handbag in Venice and it is just gorgeous, teal with a brown trim.  She also bought some little candies from Harrods for me which have all disappeared.  They even tasted like real fruit instead of just sugar like they do here.  She seemed happy and is returning to work tomorrow so will be exhausted by tomorrow night.

Okay must go and get some napping done for a little bit before Paul is home from work.  I hope your all healthy, well and happy!!


Jodie said...

Sounds crazy in an animal loving way !

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, aren't they just the sweetest little things??? It's a good thing I don't live closer to you -- I definitely don't need another kitty. I hope they all find good homes!

Kate said...

*squeeees in an undignified manner* I can't post anything more coherent than that after seeing all that kitteny goodness!

2paw said...

Oh, they are such cute kittens and what a good job you did!! I am not sure Peri and Gilly would like a kitten!!! Oh, Dusty is a bit wicked and I love the way there is cross barking if you are not paying attention. Very funny!!