Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hitchhiker in Progress

I have started my Hitchhiker shawl designed by Martina Behm for the KAL with Aussieyarning podcast, host is Joyce who I love watching.  She knits beautiful things.  I am using some Solar Flair Fibre yarns which is dyed by Fifikins who hosts the Down Under podcast (can you see the aussie theme) which are beautiful to knit with.  This is the Apollo base in the color Blue Rocks but it is much more teal in real life than blue.  It has a great twist and stitch definition and would be great to knit some socks in too.  I knit these 9 teeth whilst babysitting my 10 mth old niece and nephew and their 21 mth old brother.  They fell asleep around 7pm and I think I cast on at 10:30 whilst watching a movie.

My daughter Isabelle who is now 12 yrs old (where did the time go) got to go to her cousin's debutante ball last night and was all dressed up in a gorgeous dress.  She did her hair herself and her makeup and looked gorgeous.  She quite enjoyed herself dancing for 4 hours and had lots of fun with her cousins.  She was a bit tired this morning though and is going back to school on Monday after holidays for 2 weeks, and maybe I will get some time to take photos of some finished knitted projects too.

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather (well it is 24 here and sunny with a slight breeze)!


Gillian said...

Such lovely posts Sue!
Isabelle is so grown up and pretty and her hair looks gorgeous.
And Lucy's kittens are divine.I'm too far away, alas and there is a new baby coming at the end of the month.
You sound well too and being a veterinary nurse for the kittens takes some pluck.
Cheers for now

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- Isabelle is TWELVE already? Boy, that DID go by quickly! Your new project looks beautiful!

2paw said...

Isabelle looks lovely and don't they young have so much energy???!!!I can see your knitting theme and I really like the shawl. It looks so pretty, and you knitted so quickly!! We had rain again today, rain and wind.