Sunday, January 26, 2014

Looking Into The Past ...

Hello, sorry I havent posted much as January has just flown by and I havent done as much knitting as I would have liked.  My children go back to their studies next week so the house will be peaceful again for a while.  Paul has been working away from home since the start of January too so we only get to see him on the weekends which makes it a bit hard but hopefully soon he will be back at home at nights so things will be easier.

Our cat Lucy had another litter of kittens, 4 girls this time.  They are all beautiful and healthy and she is doing well.  Our cat Missy is still enjoying her little grey and black kitten who is now about 10 weeks old and so personable.  He waits at the doors for you to come out, he meows when he is hungry and sleeps next to you on the bed.  He has grown so much and to think he was the only survivor of 5 kittens makes him even more special.  Our neighbour's daughter is going to take him although we have all fallen in love with him so you never know what may happen.

I have also been doing the family tree again, or trying to.  It is so hard to try and find things out when a family has so many secrets.  I have been contacting organizations today to see if I can find my mum's older sibling who was adopted out at birth.  Apparently my grandmother had a little boy when she was 16 years of age and was sent off to a convalescent home until she had him.  No one seems to know where she was sent as it was all kept hush hush.  Her sister passed away last year but didnt seem to know much but my auntie did say that she was sent away as her grandmother told her.  I am hoping to find out more information in case this person who is now an adult is looking for birth information or other family members.  My grandmother passed away when my mum was 10 so she couldnt ask her anything.  My grandfather was not the dad but my auntie saw photos of her mum with a soldier and they looked like a couple so we dont know if he passed away or was kept away.  It was a year before she married my grandfather, and of course after she died he burnt all the photos as apparently they do that in aboriginal deaths so I am told, dont know if I believe that.  I have my fingers crossed that I can find out more to help uncover one of the secrets of the family tree that was never answered or given light.  The aboriginal side is still continuing not making much progress but I do hope to one day.

Starting next week I am hoping to get some photos of my knitting and start blogging again since I will have more time.

Speak to you all then.



Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- family history is so interesting, isn't it? Good luck in your search -- I'll bet you'll find lots of things you didn't know along the way LOL. Sounds like you're having fun with the kitties too! (Btw, thanks for the yarn ordering info -- I ended up ordering from a shop in Denmark as postage was about 1/4 what it would have been from AU. Hopefully it will arrive safely before too long!)

Michelle DeWinter said...

Hi Sue!
Glad to hear things are still going well for you...digging into a convoluted family tree is quite the undertaking and it sounds like you have a lot of mystery it dig through!

There will be more time for knitting now that the kids are back at school!

Hope the weather cools down for you a bit...I'm struggling already being back in the heat after the coolness of New Zealand!