Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New Year to everyone!
I hope 2014 brings you all happiness, good health and time spent with loved ones.
I am hoping to be more organised, working more and crafting more (also noting it on ravelry too) and keeping everything up-to-date too.
I hope to be riding my bike (that I got for xmas) more and getting fitter and healthier.
I also need to use up a lot of stash and keep note of what projects I cast on and off and take more photos.  I havent been taking many pics lately so I am hoping to rectify that.
What are you all planning to do in 2014?



2paw said...

Happy new Year to you and yours. Oh a bike is an excellent present!! My friend has one with a lovely basket on the front. Good luck with your goals, I hope you achieve them all. I do like a photo or two!!! I plan on organising my sewing room...eventually!!!

Miss Prudence said...

I am planning on riding my new bike too! We must swap piccies!

Thimbleanna said...

Happy New Year to you too Sue! A new bike! We must have a picture!!! ;-D

Anne said...

Happy New Year!

I'm hoping to get through my wool stash.
I got some paints for Christmas so I'm excited to play around of them soon !
Have fun on your new bike I haven't ridden a bike in a few years.

Gillian said...

I hope you are better on a bike than me. I got one a couple of years ago but fell off it on the first day out. I look longingly at it cos I always wanted one so badly but I have no confidence.
Good luck with yours and may you speed happily about on it.
Cheers Gillian