Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Today is a public holiday, being Anzac Day where we remember all the soldiers that were in WWI and WWII. My grandfather was in WWII as an aircraftsman. He served for 3 years, then returned home to help my grandmother raise 7 children. If he were still alive today he would be 106 years of age. God bless him and his memory. He passed away at the age of 87 years, a few days before my 20th birthday. I always remember him sitting at his kitchen table reading the paper, or out in his workshop doing something. My grandparents lived in Mildura, so it was always hot up there. Sometimes it was about 42 degrees, which was not good for me having fair hair and fair skin. Sunburn in those days was pretty normal, and I paid the price later on when I had Lachlan, as I developed skin cancer on my leg. Well I won't go into all the gory details about that, but let's just say that the damage you do as a child, you pay for later as an adult. Well since I changed the subject quite rapidly, I thought I would show you all a picture of my cabled cardigan, which I am now onto the 3rd repeat of. I did 1 1/2 repeats yesterday while at my mum's place, and in between trying to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw.

I thought I would show you all some pictures of my front garden. The one on the right is of my roses, which are in bloom right now. I have 3 of these which are set around my bay window. They get lots of flowers on them. I don't recall the exact name of them though. On the left is the picture of my half circle garden, which sits beside the front path and the garage. My daisies have lots of flowers at the moment, and the wheelbarrow in the picture has persimmons in it. I had to put a new plant in it, since the kitten likes to sleep in there. I am hoping this will deter her now. The wheelbarrow in the picture was made by my lovely neighbour, who sadly passed away about 8 weeks ago now. He had just been diagnosed with a serious illness, but had been sick for about 6 months before that. He was so kind and giving. Our family misses him a lot, and we make sure that his wife is okay. Paul knew them before they moved into their house after us. They liked our house when it was getting built so they decided to build across the road when they found out that ours was not for sale. I love having neighbours that are very friendly and nice, and I always make sure that his wife is okay. She is a lovely person to have as a good friend. Well I hope that you all enjoy your day and remember your loved ones who are no longer here anymore.


ferg said...

It's really comforting to have lovely neighbours. We are very lucky with ours too.
This is always a serious day for me. My parents met while serving in the forces during World War II and would never have met otherwise because of the distance and class divides which existed in England at that time.
I hope to see more of your garden,
Cheers Gillian

ferg said...

p.s i left my email on my own blog as a response, cheers Gillian

Manda said...

Just found your blog while looking for knitting sites - I cant wait to have the courage to try cable!