Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sunny Days

After the weekend being about 12 to 16 degrees, yesterday and today are beautiful and sunny. I just finished photographing some items but will download them when I have taken some more. I have just finished the back of a baby jacket, which I cast on for yesterday. It is made out of Peter Pan DK, in a light mauve, lime and pink blend. I made the same jacket last year in a variegated pink, but alas the wool shop had run out of that colorway when I went to get some. It is a quick knit, with the hood probably taking the longest to do. Our neighbour is having another girl, so I thought I would do the 1 to 2 years, so she will be able to wear it next winter. I also found out that my cousin's daughter is having her second baby, so I will try to knit up something for her baby which is due in September/October.
Apart from that I have been trying to knit some more on the cable cardie (which is for me) and the black cardi (which is for my sister). I am up to the body of the black one, just not worth taking a picture yet.
I am also trying to get some decent pictures of the socks that I knit last year. They aren't anything fancy. I taught myself to knit socks, since when I found a pattern the lady in the wool shop had never knit socks before so I tried from the pattern. I would like to try some of the sock patterns in Interweave Knits. Some of you sock knitters are so clever with your designs and colors. Oh, by the way does anybody know of a good sock pattern for a 4 year old with feet size 11 (kids size). I have some nice pink yarn, but I would like to knit some girly socks preferably with a pattern in them. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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ferg said...

Hi Sue, has an amazing collection of internet patterns and includes lots of the other sites. Good luck with the browsing and I'll check my magazines tomorrow,
Cheers Gillian