Friday, April 28, 2006

Girls Socks

Just a quick post tonight, since Isabelle is not feeling all that well this week. I think she might be getting a cold, not eating much, and being tired, but will not sleep through the night. She fell asleep at 6.30 tonight and slept for an hour so no photos at her kindergarten market stall tonight. When we left my parents house it had begun raining, not too heavy, so I took it as a warning to head straight home. Good thing I did because the rain has not stopped since.

Anyway, after checking out the website for a sock pattern and not finding anything that would fit Isabelle's feet, I decided to look through last year's Knitting Pattern A Day Calendar to find a sock pattern. I tried to get a copy of this year's calendar but no-one had any unfortunately. So I have decided to knit a pattern that I found in there, and since I have only started the ribbing I won't take a photo until I get a bit of a pattern going and I can actually do it. I also located a new color of sock wool, and purchased some to put in my mother's Mother's Day box for her present. Now she will be able to knit up two pairs of socks. I will try and photograph them tomorrow, but if not I will show them later in the week, just depends on the weather tomorrow. I am also nearly up to the armholes on the Tea for Two sweater for the front. I have decided to try and finish it by the end of next week. Fingers crossed I don't get sidetracked again! I also purchased some yarn from who was clearing out her stash. She still has some Jo Sharp wool in an Oak color I think. She actually orders German sock wool and other sock wool so if you would like some just check out her blog. I actually bought some cotton sock yarn from her at the Bendigo Wool Show last year, and her prices are very reasonable. I will take a photo when I get it along with 2 books that I also ordered from The Wool Shack. Well have a good night, and see you all tomorrow.

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