Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rainy Day

Well since the weather is rainy and grey outside, I thought that I would post a pic of our 3 kitties that were born last November. First up is Daisy, then Toby and lastly Drake, who seems a bit blurry in this pic. Toby is about 3 times the size of Daisy now. Drake, I have not seen in a little while since Lachie's friend has him.
I knitted a tiny bit of progress on Isabelle's sock last night, only ribbing, and then went to bed since she was not herself, so until I have mastered the pattern of this sock I will not be showing it yet. Isabelle is feeling much better this morning. She has Daisy in bed with her who was out in the rain this morning. She treats her like she is a little person most of the time. It is very cute, but I think that Daisy thinks she is like a person too now. She follows you around the house in the morning until you put some milk in her bowl, and she sleeps in my rocking chair amongst the cushions. It was actually nice having 3 kitties to look after, seeing them play in the front yard. At least the kids did not fight over who was going to hold them. Well if the weather changes later today, which I doubt I will try to take some photos and blog about them later. Bye for now.

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