Friday, April 21, 2006


The Jenny cardigan is finally done, not completed as it does need buttons and seaming up. I didn't realise that the fronts were not lined up when I took the photo, so don't worry it is done as a yoke so I know that they do. When it is seamed up I will take a modelled shot for you. Luckily Isabelle is skinny as this cardigan is quite narrow and long. I hope that it will fit okay, fingers crossed. Next up I will have to try and decide what buttons to get. I am a bit busy today. I have just ironed 2 baskets of clothes, 1 more to go. Yes, I hate ironing, but usually do it every 2 weeks and do it all in one go. I know it will be the same again in a week. I also have to go to my sister's today and fix something on her computer, and then come home and cook roast pork for my mum, dad and sister. I know we had a roast the other day, but I bought a roast pork and it won't fit in the freezer, so I am cooking it tonight, and it is huge. I think I will be making something with the leftovers tomorrow for tea. Maybe sweet and sour or something. It seems like this morning has gone so quickly, and I have to pick Isabelle up from kindergarten already. Maybe its just because I have done a bit this morning as in housework. By the way, does anybody know of any jobs doing data entry at home that I could do, hopefully in Victoria, or Australia. We need to increase our income to pay some extra bills that we have looming, so any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. And to my commentors on my blog, all comments were greatly appreciated and so nice to know that someone reads my blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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