Friday, April 21, 2006

To Do List

Well I am in the mood to get a lot done today, so I thought I would type up a list of what I have on the needles, and more importantly what I need to finish up first, so here goes:-

  1. Cable Cardigan, from VK - started back.
  2. Rae, from Junior Knits - casted on.
  3. Tea for Two Sweater, from Miss Bea's Rainy Day - back nearly completed.
  4. Soft Ribbed Sweater, from Jo Sharp's Holiday - a few inches on the back.
  5. Mimi from Pipsqueaks, halfway up back, a slow knit due to moss stitch and small needles.
  6. Little Star Sweater from adorable knits for tiny tots, finished the sleeve and nearly finished the back.
  7. Light mauve cardigan from Anny Blatt book, nearly finished, only one sleeve, right front and bands to do.

Looking at my list, I think I need to finish up the light mauve cardigan and the Tea for Two sweater first, as they will be quick. Maybe tomorrow I will post my wish list of projects that I would like to make. It could be longer than this list, but I can always shorten it, or add to it. We knitters need to live a long time to use up all our stash and finish all our wish list projects dont we! Well if I keep an update of my list, and shorten it somewhat over the next month, then I can start something new on the list I will post tomorrow. Hope you all have a great day!


Anonymous said...

To make a wish list with stuff that you want to knit sounds like a very good idea.
My problem would be, as soon as a new patternbook comes out I'll see something I like and everything else gets pushed one down the list.
I do look forward in seeing your wish list,

ferg said...

Hello There Sue, You should be able to find an email link on my profile, if not I'll sort out something else. Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing some first hand yarns.
Cheers Gillian

amanda j said...

Goodness, you have so many things on the go! I get worried if I have four! Look forward to seeing what you want to knit.