Sunday, September 3, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Paul and Dad had a nice father's day today. They sat in the garage and watched the footy. Mum, my sister and I sat in the rumpus room and did our crafts. My family came up for lunch which was roast chicken and roast beef with cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, corn and peas. Mum had made a trifle for dessert which was quite yummy. There is still so much left over that we will be eating it for the next two days. We also finally got some much needed rain last night and this morning. The garden will appreciate it, and it is now cold again outside.
I also finally finished Isabelle's tank top last night. She had fallen asleep by 7:30p.m. so she did not get to try it on until this morning. It fits perfectly and I love the color on her.

Pattern: Barefoot Knits Tank Top
Size: I knit the size 6 which was perfect in length and
width. Not too wide and not too short.
Yarn: Cotton Fleece, only 1 and a half skeins.
Started: Tuesday Finished: Saturday

This could have been finished in two days, but I was working on other things as well. The cotton fleece knits up beautifully and looks really nice. It is just the right length, and yes it did fit over her head quite easily. Now I just have to get some other things finished before starting on the dinosaur jumper for my nephew. It will be a 3 yr old size, so it should knit up quite quickly. I have also been working on Noelle's pressie which is coming along quite quickly, and I have started making Karyn's pressie too. I should be finished that by the end of the week hopefully. Well that is about it, I am off to do some more ironing, knitting and to cook the kids something to eat. I dont need to eat anything else today after what we had for lunch. Happy knitting everyone!


Noeysmommy said...

The tank is really cute. We are so excited about our pressies!! I have picked out the fabric for your surprise!!

ferg said...

Isabelle looks lovely in the tank top. She must be getting used to being a model by now.
TRIFLE! my special and I love it. I always make enough to feed the visitors and then have lots left over for BREAKFAST. Really! Trifle is delicious for breakfast.
The rain was great and we're hoping for some more but we'll be off for a couple of days.
Cheers Gillian