Monday, September 4, 2006

Monday Mailman

has finally brought my books from Rowan. Rowan 40 has some nice things in it, much better than the last issue. I also received Classic Cafe and Classic Style which have so many beautiful patterns in them. I want to make nearly every one of them, but I will try and show you a few of my favourites over the next few posts. Well I am off to make my macaroni and cheese bake for lunch, and then off to knit some more.


JoanM said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is great to connect with other Oz knitters. Steve Irwin will truly be missed. When I was last on the Sunshine Coast, the locals were saying how good the zoo was, so it is not just a tourist attraction.
The blue hooded cardi was in a book I bought at the 2nd hand market, and didn't have a front page. It has lots of lovely baby and toddler patterns. If you are interested, I could email the stitches of the pattern.

diana said...

I really like the new Rowan. Such an improvement from the last issue!

Rhonda said...

I don't have any Rowan books yet. I heard that the size runs small. Is that true? I should check out Classic Style. Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I love Jo Sharp's patterns so far. Hey, it's Nice to hear from someone who has access to acceptional wool & knitters, LOL!! Stop by anytime.