Monday, October 16, 2006


Isnt she gorgeous. She is just 2 weeks old and we picked her up yesterday. I felt like we needed something nice to happen for a change, so I made enquiries about some kittens during the week. A lady named Trish had some little kittens and advised me that she had 2 females, (I hope her friend was right or there will be a name change for sure) and I told her we were interested in the grey one. We did not even see what she looked like, so we were quite surprised to see how gorgeous she is and that her eyes were already open and she could walk a tiny bit. Now as you know Daisy had lost her kitten a week ago, and when I picked Ruby up I was told that maybe Daisy would take her on as her own. Well when we got home we introduced them and Daisy was growling and not really interested. Later on last night she decided to come and visit the kitten and lied up on the couch. I put Ruby next to her and Daisy must have still had milk because the kitten went over to her, and Daisy let her feed. Daisy and Ruby are now asleep together in their bed in the family room and Daisy is purring away. They are so content together it makes me feel like crying just watching them together. What a nice start to the week to wake up and find this image this morning of the two of them. They are beautiful together, and I am sure will be just like mother and daughter. The only time Ruby cries is when she has to have her face washed by Daisy. You sit there hearing these loud squeaks and look in and there is Daisy washing her face. It is so cute. Well enough gushing about Ruby and Daisy. I am just so happy for Daisy that she still gets to be a good mummy, and that Ruby is happy too. I am sure that there will be many more photos to show later on, but I now have to go and get the kids ready for the long day ahead, and an emotional one at that. Thank you for all your wonderful and kind comments for Lachlan's friend's family. They are all truly appreciated. I hope that you all have a wonderful day and keep your family safe.


Siow Chin said...

Oh, I hope Ruby would bring in cheers to everyone and to Daisy too in your household.

Anonymous said...

I am sitting in front of my PC and I have tears in my eyes.

sandra said...

I am truelly dog person, but Ruby took my heart! Pic of her and Daisy is precious!

Saltwater purls said...

How sweet! Hopefully Daisy will have anough milk to keep her going until Rudys immune system kicks in.

P.S. Lachlan sounds like a great boy