Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 - FO No. 2

Pattern: Ribby Wristwarmers from the Sublime Book 613
Yarn: Panda Magnum Soft 8 ply
Started: 6th January Finished: 7th January 2009
I knit these up for Isabelle as she always tends to get colder than the rest of the family, having less body fat also helps with that. She actually ended up wearing these to bed last night after I finished them, and gladly popped them back on today for a photo. These gloves should do nicely for the colder weather during school too and using this yarn they can be thrown into the machine to be washed. They dont take long at all to knit up which is great so I can see perhaps another pair being knit up just in case anything happens to these ones.
We have also been busy this week, me with a funny sore neck thing which seems to have just about gone today which is great. I wasnt feeling so good during the week and even made an appointment last night to see the doctor today, but then cancelled this morning after feeling much better. Isabelle has been playing everyday with my neighbour's granddaughter and they have been having so much fun. It is nice to hear them giggling away, although I am not too sure that Lachie appreciated it.
I also finished up the second book to Friday Night Knitting Club and loved it just as much as the first one. I am now going to begin reading All Together Now by Monica McInerney. I read her book Those Faraday Girls last year and absolutely loved it so this is the second novel I am reading. I think I may just start a collection of her novels soon.
I have also been knitting some more on a blanket that I started last year and never finished. Just an acrylic blanket in baby colors (girly ones) so I thought perhaps my friend's granddaughter could use it. I am just doing a few rows a day and will try and photograph it when it is done.
Thank you all too for your lovely comments on the socks. It is my sister's 35th birthday today so I do hope she likes them. Now all I need to do is find a decent man for her to settle down with and we'll both be happy.


Michele said...

Very pretty wristwarmers. They look very cozy.

I have been eyeing that book, Knit Two - I might just have to pick it up.

Hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

My daughter loves her fingerless mittens as well. She has also worn them to bed. Yours look lovely, isn't it great to knit something so small that is well loved.

Denise said...

I love the color of those wrist warmers, and they look so soft. I do hope you're feeling better soon.
Happy Birthday to your sister :-)

MrPuffy said...

Those are the prettiest shade of blue! I can see why Isabelle is enchanted ~ I would wear them to bed too!

I have on my shelf The Knitting Circle which is also supposed to be pretty good.

Hope you get to feeling better fast!

Lynne said...

Very pretty wristwarmers. A second pair [or at least a third w-w] is always a good idea, especially where children are concerned.

Corrie said...

oh they are so sweet...the colour is so lovely and perfect for your Isabelle. and what a good sister you are...I'm always asked to match up my friends with so called wealthy guys at my hubby's work but I always say you do not want to marry a workaholic trust me!!!!!! hope she finds (or you find for her)someone special!


tiennie said...

That is very pretty! The color is lovely!

Annie said...

Sore necks and backs are miserable. Hope you feel better. Love that Isabelle wore her wristwarmers to bed. How sweet. I bet she slept well being so toasty.

Kate said...

Lovely wristwarmers and love that colour.

PlumStitches said...

I love that she wore the wristwarmers to bed! I'm going to have to try that one out - they look great.

Janette said...

Love the wrist warmers!! I have read all of Monica McInerneys books and loved them all. A friend gave me Knit Two for christmas, I have not read it yet, I will read it next!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I like these. I saw a great picture on The Sartorialist recently and the whole look was really completed by a sage green fingerless gloves.
I'm determined to knit some for myself this winter, but I'm not sure I will really need them here in Brisbane.
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