Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 - Item 14

Another item finished and I tried very unsuccessfully to get my tired god-daughter Chelsea to model for me.  I had to bribe her with the fact that she was only trying it on to see if it fitted, and then she took it straight off again.  I have heard that she now loves it which is good.  She has been growing like a weed lately so I am thinking maybe another hoodie in the next size up will be great.  I have knitted her a total of 3 jackets like this now and they seem perfect for her to wear to the park or creche.  The Sirdar knitting book is full of beautiful patterns and I have bookmarked some other ones to knit up too, just a pity Isabelle is now too big for them all.

Pattern:  Design 1952 from Jack In A Box Knits by Sirdar Book 378
Yarn:  Dazzle Acrylic, 2.5 balls in an apricot and feathers yarn for the trims
Needles:  4.00 mm
Size:  2-3 years

I am hoping to post the other FO's by the weekend as Paul is going away for a week to work up near Bendigo so it just be me and the kids.  Getting one off to his TAFE course which he starts on Monday, Isabelle off to school and then me off to work which is a full week next week.  Pop in my own housework, the animals to be looked after and a few other things and I think I will be in bed every night by 8:30.  I am hoping I find some time to do a little knitting!


Michele said...

Very cute hoodie! You can totally tell the difference between kids of knitters and kids of non-knitters. My 4-year-old son thinks it is normal to try on knitwear and have his picture taken since he has been doing it since he was born. He just does it no problem at this point.

Lynne said...

With the pressure of that schedule, I would think you would need to find some knitting time. I hope it all went well for you.

BTW, cute cardigan.