Saturday, August 27, 2011

2011- 29, 30, 31 and 32

I have finally been motivated enough to finish off  these projects by adding the buttons and gifting them today.  First up is the Retro Raglan Cardigan and hat from a new Sirdar booklet, which is on my ravelry page if you would like all the details.  I made the size 1-2 size and will give it my sister today so she can give it to her friend in Daylesford for her little boy.  Hopefully we still have enough cooler weather that he can wear it for a while before next winter.
Retro Raglan Cardigan and hat to match
 Secondly is the Budgie Striped Sweater, no. 3.  These will be given to our family friend with the other 2 for her 3 grand-daughters.  Hopefully they can wear them a bit before the weather warms up too.  I love the colors in this one and sewed on the last button this morning.
Budgie Striped Cardigan #3
Finally, Isabelle's cardigan from the Henhouse Girls and Tractor Boys booklet, another Sirdar one.  I loved knitting this cardigan and the pattern was so easy, no cables at all if that is what your thinking.  Very clever stitch just 4 rows to it!  I used Sirdar Aran Supersoft which I absolutely love to use for kid's knits as it is a little bit squishy and shows up stitch definition very nicely.  I am hoping that Isabelle might possibly wear it for me tomorrow.  She is on a date with her auntie today where they have gone to watch a matinee about Beauty and the Beast.  I am sure she will thoroughly enjoy it.
Henhouse Cardigan
All these projects are listed on my ravelry page as I am feeling a little bit rushed today with things.  Yesterday I finally managed to get my haircut the way I love it, and had blonde highlights put back in after about 3 years of being darker.  It has definately brightened my mood.  Since I have a bit of quiet time I might finish off another two knits that are awaiting collars and finish off a second sock (I started the pair last weekend for Isabelle).  It is the Child's First Sock again as the second red one never got finished and the first sock was way too small and actually had a big hole chopped in it.  I dont know how that happened or who did it but I wasnt happy so it went into the bin.  I am going to start knitting some more socks this weekend as I think I have my mojo back for them.  I have already picked out 2 patterns that dont look too hard, but they all have patterns and most of my sock yarn is variegated.  It looks like I will be scouring the internet for semi-solid sock yarns now!!!


2paw said...

What beautiful knitting!! I love the Budge Stripe, so cute and Isabelle's cardigan is absolutely beautiful. It even looks squishy and cuddly. Well done for finishing off!!
Happy sock wool shopping, what a lovely excuse to buy some more!!!

Lynne said...

Lovely knitted items - my favourite is the retro cardi!

Gillian said...

Well done for all the finishing off. I have too much unfinished stuff around as usual.
Your hair sounds lovely. No wonder it lifted your mood.
Do have a go at the cheesecake recipe. It was so easy and if you aren't keen on ginger you can flavour it with other stuff.
Cheers Gillian

Anonymous said...

Love the new cardigan for Isabelle.
It always feels great to finish a few projects at the same time.
They all look fantastic.
Enjoy your quiet time. I am sure it is always over to soon.

Michele said...

All 3 projects are beautiful! I love the colors of the Budgie Stripe Sweater - they look so pretty together. I can't wait to see some of your socks!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Woman! Do you knit in your sleep? They're all gorgeous -- you're amazing!

Making It Vintage said...

Beautiful knits Sue, I think I may be spending a little time on Ravelry for the info on these lovely projects.

Hope your daughter's enjoying the Milly-Molly-Mandy stories.

lily x

sandra said...

Mojo?! Looks like your mojo came back in super size! hee hee

Yarny Days said...

Cute! Such great pattern choices. I especially LOVE the striped one. Mental note to self--to make something like that for my daughter.

Ann said...

Lovely cardigans. Your new blog looks great.

Anne said...

Looks beautiful...:)

It taken me months to finish a simple short sleeved cardigan....LOL