Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2011 - FO's 26, 27 & 28

Have you seen the new Panda yarn "Sashay" in your LYS?
I found some last week and bought 2 balls, 1 in aqua and one in blue.
This is the blue one.  It doesnt take long to knit up and one great fact
is it isnt itchy at all!
This one is Isabelle's although I might swap!

Here is the aqua one.

This is the Ralph beanie which was in a magazine bonus book.  I used Country Tartan yarn, about 1.2 balls  It took 2 days to knit this up with all that ribbing but it does it job keeping Paul's head warm in the cold weather although he said he had to have it above his ears to hear the tv!

I also did a bit of shopping last week at the Reject Shop.  The larger bag fits a nice project in it and then this week I found the smaller bag which is perfect for accessories.  I love the owls on it.

I also thought I better show you my new sock yarn that I purchased  at "Pick Up Stitches" on Sunday at Kyneton.  This is Zig Zag sock yarn and was 20% off.  I think I may cast on a pair of socks later in the week as I have been eyeing off some patterns that might be nice to make out of this.
I also got motivated yesterday to finish sewing up 4 projects, which all need buttons before they can be photographed.  I love finishing projects like that in a row because it means I can cast on more, which I already have and will show you all later on.
Oh I also decided to change the colors and look of my blog.  Still deciding on whether I like it or not!


2paw said...

I noticed your new look straight away, I like it!!
Love the scarf!! And it is funny that the beanie is so good at noise dampening!! You are so lucky to find the matching bags, you can put your new sock wool in it!!

bec said...

I love the new pic at the top, that yarn looks yummy! Great beanie, just be careful he doesn't pull it over his ears when you're talking to him haha.

Oiyi said...

That bag is so cute! What a great find.

Lynne said...

That 'yarn' was all the rage at the Stitches and Craft Show last weekend; mostly in crochet but also some knitting! Even stands that were more about quilting had it on sale!

Thimbleanna said...

I like the new look -- very fresh! And that scarf is adorable -- you're such a speedy knitter -- it's amazing!

sandra said...

Liked previous blog look better!
Owls bags are adorable and my Franciska is mad about that scarf!

Tammy said...

The Scarf looks lovely Sue! and that ribbed style beanie is what I hope to get to doing someday too!

Becks said...

Ooh your new look is just lovely! As are the scarves :)


Ann said...

Love the new look. Those scarves are great & I have seen someone using that yarn - it's just so creative & simple.

Michele said...

I love the new look of your blog! It looks great - as well as your scarves and hat. All very nice!

Karin said...

Love the new look.
The scarfs are great, they also make great presents.
I did find them a little time consuming to knit, I think I spent more time untwisting the yarn than knitting.

Yarny Days said...

What great projects! I love the scarf...

Jellywares said...

The new lay-out looks awesome Sue!!!!

Love the bag too..

Jodie :)