Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just A Bit Of Sewing To Do!

I piled up all the projects that need buttons sewn on and seaming done today.  Paul walked in and wondered what they all were.  Most are gifts for little people that I have been making but I will show you them all during the next week hopefully.  I forgot to add another green one to the top of the pile too so that will be added in also.

Things here have been very busy too.  Work is good for me at the moment but for Paul it is very quiet.  Anyone need any plastering done around Melbourne??  We have decided to put our house on the market for sale and hopefully it wont take too long to sell.  Our financial position has changed so we have decided to do something about it which means selling up and sorting everything out for a bit which will relieve quite a bit of stress of both of us.  Fingers crossed it doesnt take too long for our house to sell.  We have 2 other houses in our street which are also for sale but with different agents so I am hoping that there are people out there who want to buy ours.  Hopefully before Christmas we will be able to live our lives again the way we want to and things will be much happier for our little family.

Onto happier things - my SIL sent me a photo of both of my nephews wearing their handmade hats.  They turn 1 tomorrow and are looking so big now that I wished we all lived closer to each other.  I have another nephew arriving next month too (that is why some of that pile needs finishing quickly) so I want things wrapped and organised so I dont forget anyone.  I have 2 more birthdays for a niece and nephew too.  The niece is hard as she is turning 13 so I will have to try and think of something wonderful for her since she is my only niece.  Maybe I can knit something that appeals.  Her favourite color is red which I have in the stash so maybe ravelry searching will help.  Anyone think of any suggestions.

Okay well that is it for now, and sorry for not getting back to comments on my blog but between working, and trying to get things organised for the house all I have time for right now is to try and relax at night and do some knitting which does relieve the stress a  bit.

Happy knitting and crafting!!


Arty Lady's blog said...

? Where will you be moving to??? I'm not working any more so ring me if you want to catch up for a coffee during the day

Becks said...

I hope things look up on the financial side for you soon. Been there, done that, still doing infact...big hugs to you.
That is an impressive pile of things to finish off!

Becks said...

Lol Sue, just had to pop over and thank you for your comments. However, the little girlie in the hoodie is my youngest daughter Heather. Sophie is my 5 year old granddaughter! I know, confusing isn't it? lol.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- what a pile -- very impressive that you get so much knitting done. Good Luck on the house sale!

2paw said...

I hope your house sells really quickly and you can have your happy lives back. It must be very worrying not to be happy- I know!! I always think that I hate seaming, until I actually start and then it's not so bad!!!

Rebecca said...

wow! you're giong to feel so accomplished when you get that whole pile finished up!
i hope for you that yuor house sales quickly! big hugs and positive thoughts and prayers sent your <way.
for your niece, maybe a cute shrug? or here in france, all the kdis at school are wearing cute storebought knit hats (even though it's 30° celsius right now :P) (ones with earflaps, ones with pompoms, slouchy tams...)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the other day, if you were able to sort it all out and if you were all OK.
Thanks for keeping us all up to date. I know it's very hard selling a house you love.
Hope it will all go smoothly and you don't have to many strangers traipsing around your home.

Very impressed with your huge pile of hand knits, you are going to have a lot of blogging to do, LOL.

Good luck with everything.

Oiyi said...

Wow that is a lot of projects. You are such a prolific knitter. Can't wait to see all the projects.

Good luck on selling your house. I know it will be hard on the family, but hopefully it sells fast.

Jan said...

Hi Sue, thanks for the comment on my blog. I read yours yesterday but phone rang so I didn't comment. I hope all goes well with the sale and that everything happens smoothly and quickly for you.Also that you problems are sorted to your satisfaction.

I've a blouse to add to your pile. Worn once yesterday, brand new, not cheap, a birthday treat. It has buttoned cuffs just below elbow and when I picked it up today I saw one button was missing. Very annoying.

sandra said...

boy, you ARE busy! And probably very organizes since you manage to do and done all on your list (not only knits)!
Good luck with the house and new page of your life!

Ann said...

Wow, that's a lot of sewing to do. I really don't like sewing & will try to avoid it.Good luck on the sale of your house.

Lynne said...

Why do we knitters seem to procrastinate when it comes to finishing? Good luck with it all.

PlumStitches said...

wow, you are a knitting machine! good luck with the house, I hope it all goes your way.