Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More FO's

 Hello there, how is everyone?  I have been busy lately so I thought since Isabelle was at the pools having a swim I would post some photos and catch you all up on what I have been doing.  First up the 4 little kittens have all gone to their new owners.  The 2 above are the little boy and girl that we dropped off into the city on Friday night (we went to the MCG for a presentation night).  They live in an apartment right across from there so we met them and they were very nice.  The lady looked like Pink's twin sister.  I am missing them all right now but am thankful that I dont need to clean that kitty litter anymore.
 Onto the knitting side of things I have been knitting and finally took some photos.  I dont like the brown carpet as the backdrop but it is easier to photograph on so here we go.  I knit a stripey garter stitch blanket for my nephew but it isnt big enough for him so this one ended up being a kitty blanket for them to sleep on.  It is from one of the Sirdar patterns and quite easy.
 Next up is the aran sweater with a ribbon from the Labour of Love book.  This is for my god-daughter and I really need to block it.  I knit it out of some 10 ply from the back room of Bendigo Woollen Mills.  It is a crepe sort of yarn so it is a bit heavy.  I am hoping the ribbing will stop curling once I block it.
 A little cardigan for my niece.  I love this cardigan as it so cute.  It cost me $2.00 to knit this as I bought 2 balls and didnt use it all.  The yarn is from Spotlight.  The pattern is another Sirdar one and I love the leaves on it.
 Another little sweater for a friend's grandson.  I love this color and the moss stitch really pops in this yarn too.  I think this is a Magnum yarn that I used.
 This sweater is for my nephew and I just love it.  I used Sirdar denim for the bands and sleeves, and Peter Pan for the body.  I never knew it striped in the fair isle pattern until I started knitting it up and I love it.  This is a King Cole pattern that I have knit before.
 Finally this sweater is for my god-daughter.  It is knit out of Patons Rainbow in the dark purple colorway but it looks washed out here unfortunately.  It is all garter stitch and is a cleckheaton pattern.  I love how it turned out, so squishy.
 Oh I nearly forgot about the little dress, another pattern knit out of Patons Rainbow yarn and the color looks right in this one.  I might gift this to our neighbour who is expecting in about 26 weeks, and it will be her second baby (that is if it is a girl).  I need to embroider some flowers on this one.
Okay last one now.  I didnt realise I posted so many FO's at the one time.  This is another Sirdar pattern from the Jack In The Box Knits.  This will be for one of my other nephews.  I need to find some buttons to put on it and give it a blocking too.

If you would like to know what the actual patterns are you can go to my ravelry page and look me up as snooks, and then go to my project page and they should all be listed.  I was unorganised and some of these were finished quite a while ago now so I forgot what they were called.

My current knitting is another Hitchhiker in some Soft Like Kittens yarn, Paul's sweater which I pulled out and restarted as he needed the smallest size after losing so much weight, and last night I cast on a Geno.  I dont know whether it will be for my sister or Isabelle as they are practically the same size now though in different proportions.  I am hoping with the errata on the pattern that it turns out correctly for me as last time I had trouble with it.

See you all later on and I hope you are enjoying your knitting!


2paw said...

Oh those kittens are so cute and no wonder you miss them!!!! I love all your knitting and you are so productive. The striped wool is still like magic to me!! I love the mauve jumper and the kitten's rug.

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Woman -- do you ever sleep??? It would take me years to finish that many knits. They're all wonderful -- how lucky to be one of the recipients of such pretty knits.

And the little kitties are just adorable. I'll miss seeing them on your blog!

Gillian said...

Such productivity!
Darling little kittens. Well done for finding them all homes but they are so cute I'm not really surprised. We have had Billy at home now for just over two weeks and at the moment he is asleep on a piece of my knitting that was not worth wearing!